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Do you have a thoughtful, planful, crafted culture in your company?

Well, maybe it’s because you’ve been busy focusing on things that feel more urgent like running the business, raising capital, delighting your customers, attracting talent, developing code. But maybe culture is one of those urgent things too?

Do you want a culture that supports your business, engages the best people, makes coming to work every day a drama-free, inspiring, and focused experience? 

Of course!

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Easy. We’ve designed a 12-week step-by-step program to walk you, and a cohort of your peers, through a results-driven process where you will create and roll-out your unique, powerful, and impactful culture in your company.


You will participate in a combination of individual work, 1:1 meetings with us, and cohort dinners. What is a cohort dinner? An engaging get-together, at a delicious restaurant, with a guest speaker, a collection of brilliant CEOs (that’s you) – and an evening of questions, answers and sparkling conversation.

Creating your company culture

In 3 hours a week. . .or less


How long will this take?

The CEO Culture Crew is a 3-month program, divided into 6 segments. Each segment is 2 weeks long and kicks off with an individual activity (i.e., homework assignment) that will take you about 2 hours, and then we follow that up with a 90-minute 1:1 meeting with us, to guide, advise, and answer your questions. We then kick-off the next week’s assignment.

What is the outcome?

Your company lives the kind of culture you’ve dreamed about. Your team is focused on the right things, you’re attracting and keeping the best talent, everyone is motivated and engaged, the company’s success is growing exponentially, and you’re having fun along
the way.