We have worked in Silicon Valley for a long time, and we’ve watched it grow. We get it. We know how to work in a small start-up and we have a wealth of experience in Fortune 500 companies. In other words, we know what scale looks like. 

We work fast. We have a light touch. And we can grow with you. We want to bring the smallest, easiest and fastest approach, then get out of the way and allow you to continue to focus on your business. 




Change management
Executive coaching
Leader and manager effectiveness


Communication effectiveness
Leader and manager performance

Team performance

Strategic planning
Meeting planning and facilitation

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get out of your own way and focus on the core of the business. Oak&Willow helped me to do this, and we had fun along the way.
— Vice President at Stealth Start Up Launching Fall 2018

Of course we knew what our company was all about, but we never truly put it into words. Oak&Willow not only did this for us, as we worked together creating our company story, but now we use it. Our company story has become a centerpiece of how we work.
— CEO at a Nonprofit Fundraising Consulting Firm
Oak & Willow helped me break through unconscious fixed mindsets to more accurately validate the strategic direction and identify the core building blocks I needed to achieve success. They have a deep and diverse toolkit that provided me with the right amount of support and encouragement.
— Executive at a Software as a Service (SaaS) company